Monday, December 14, 2009

Different Types of Internet Modem

Various types of Internet modem keeps everyone connected through the Internet technology, where they are. Let's see what the computer's modem. Modem, an abbreviation of ModulatorDEModulator, making the computer able to Convert the data in the form of useful information.

When modem receives analog data through the connection, this tool will transform the data into digital data that can be used by the computer. Similarly, this tool will reverse the process when sending data (digital data to transform analog data).

Actually, the focus of this article is not to discuss the workings of a modem in detail but to discuss the types of modems.

Computer Internal Modem. Some computers have an internal modem that is built in modem or a computer modem card.

For computer modem card, PCI slot or sometimes the ISA slot is required, depending on the motherboard that interfaces available to receive the modem.

Internal Modems Computer with internet connection to use a dial-up through a pair of RJ-11 connection. Also known as the copper telephone wire, RJ-11 enables the computer to receive and send data as described above.

Internal computer modem is usually a 56K modem which means that the modem is capable of receiving data for 56 Kbits / second (56 kilobits, or 56,000 bits per second). Type of data transmission is called the downstream transmission, came from providers and transmitted via telephone lines. Generally the amount of data is a standard bandwidth for telephone cables.

However, because the Internet got a great two-way system, the data must also be sent from the client to the provider (server). For this purpose a computer can use a 56K V90 modem to send data in the upstream transmission of 33.6 Kbits / s. On the other hand, V 92 modem capable of sending 56 K 48 Kbits / s upstream transmission.

External Modem.

External modems can be used for the same purpose and in the same condition with internal modem. However, external modems are small boxes that use this type of interface to connect to another computer.

It could be a serial modem, so called because it was using a serial port for connection to a computer. Usually installed in the back of the computer, the serial port is an easy option for an external modem installed. The same small box, on the other hand, can be a normal USB modem uses the USB port is usually placed behind or in front of the computer.

The first of this type can be an external modem dial-up modem, but this type is more expensive than the internal type.

Just like other types of external modem you might consider two types of modems: cable modems and DSL, if you want a high-speed Internet services. All ISPs usually provide a special modem called a digital modem in a broadband package.

It is important to note that the cable modem must be connected with an Ethernet card, PCI slot is placed on a computer that is provided by broadband intenet connection to the user. It is true that if you select an Ethernet connection. However, you will not need it if your choice using a USB connection.

Cable modem. Cable modems use cable TV network axes to provide a great bandwitdth commuter than a dial-up modem. Access is really fast to the web provided by the cable modem with a downstream transmission up to 38 Mbits / s and upstream transmission up to 1 Mbits / s.

Unfortunately this transmission magnitude-fox change depending on the number of users due to bandwidth sharing using this cable technology.

Modem DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is exclusive used for connections from the office telephone is transferred to the user. This technology, available and frequently used, separated into two main categories:

ADSLor Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line is commonly used in North America and supports downstream transmission from 1.5 Mbits / s up to 9 Mbits / s and upstream transmission up to 3 Mbits / s.

SDSL. SDSL or Digital Subscriber Line Symetric commonly used in Europe and has a downstream and upstream scale the same data that is about 128 Kbits / s.

One more thing

Modern modems have a few features that are very interesting that enables your computer to do essential tasks such as answering an incoming call automatically, voice mail, send and receive faxes .. and many more.

Do not waste your time! Enjoy the possibilities offered by different types of computer modem.

Maintenance inkjet printer

There's a saying that says "Better to prevent than to repair!!"
This adage is necessary in doing, because if your printer head is damaged, then the cost to repair the printer, almost the same as you buy a new printer.
So for that we should be able to treat us with the correct printer, Caring for the printer was easy to do, just needed a few minutes it every week, then your printer will avoid problems printer damage.

To avoid damage from the damage the printer:

* Use printer regularly and periodically
The most common problems we are hadapai poor print quality, there is a transverse white lines, color ink missing or not come out at all.
With regular use of printer, so we still keep the ink flowing and wetting the surface of the nozzle.
If we rarely use the printer, try at least once every 1 week we do a test print.
Thus, it can prevent the ink is not dry on the surface of the nozzle.
If you do not do this, then your printer head more quickly to a dead end, and this applies to all brands of inkjet printers.

Tip: You can put little notes in front of your monitor to remind you to always do the printing of each week on a regular basis, both for black and other colors.
for example: do print-rich web pages in color or small-sized photos rich colors.
This method is more efficient than you do head cleaning on your printer.

Lethal (Shut Down) printer correctly
Do not forget to turn off your printer when not in use, this method can also avoid the buntuan nozzle on your head.

Important: turn off the printer with on / off button on your printer, do not turn off by unplugging your printer.
Because if you turn off the on / off button, will activate the mechanical Capping will help to prevent drying nozzle.

Do not use paper, dirty or dusty
If you print using the dusty paper, the mechanical drive roller of paper or paper will dirty faster.
If this happens then your paper roller will wear out faster / damaged, the effect is not able to pull the printer paper.
What if your paper roller dirty?
You can clean with Dura Klin,'s how: Put Dura Klin HVS on plain paper, then print blank pages in the paper, do it 4-5 times, or use the buttons on the printer tray, to pull the paper out.

Important: Do not use Vacuum Cleaner to clean the printer, can result in short / short circuit and burn it on board in the printer.
Tip: If you live in dusty, use the printer cover so that your printer is more protected from dust, cover can be plastic or cloth.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Maybe this time, computers became a mandatory item known and unknown, especially by most students. It is not compulsory, but we know the computers of course would make what we do easier. Any more than that, a collection of connected computer in the network or the network can be used to share resources and information.
The question that often appear are, how if I can do computer for care ..? because very often we have computers that were damaged either due to a virus, a component in the computer CPU crash damaged his or installation we did on the computer.
It is better if we know how to treat computer before the computer so that it breaks down, we've managed to great lengths to care for our computer but the reply was already broken when yam au how again, following the author wanted to share some tips for caring for computer .... so lets check it now

1. Clean motherboards & other peripherals (hardware) of the dust periodically. To clean it can Kiga use soft brush and small size are. At least twice a month this must be done. Open the casing first and then clean the motherboard and other peripherals (RAM, Video Card, Modem, Sound Card, CDR / CDRW / DVRW, TV tuner) with a soft brush. At the moment did not use the computer shut the computer (monitor, CPU, keyboard / mouse) with a cover so that dust does not easily fit into the computer.
2. Uninstall or remove programs that are not useful. Disk space consumed too much will slow down the read / write drive so that the workload will be heavy so be easily damaged disk. Usually will appear warning of our hard disk space also is full. Windows operating systems already support will things like this
3. Clean the Recycle Bin on a regular basis. Actually the files / folders that we remove the indirect loss from hard drive because it will be accommodated first in the Recycle Bin, but there are several types of settings we can use, among others give warning when deleting, delete and save them in place temporarily or permanently removed. To delete the settings and saved the place of relocation is the intention that in a moment if you still need to return again. Recycle Bin which will also have a lot of disk space-consuming which can cause disk so lelet readings. The way to run Windows Explorer>> click the Recycle Bin>> click File>> click Empty Bin Recyle. Or you can run the Disk Cleanup function Please click Start>> Programs>> Accessories>> System Tools> Disk Cleanup>> then select the drives to be cleaned reply>> after the Recycle Bin Tick option if necessary to check also wrote another (such as temporary files , temporary Internet files), after click OK.
4. Install and update anti-virus programs regularly. To be able to recognize the new virus/trojan2 should update anti-virus programs regularly. The virus is already spreading in the computer can make you re-install the computer. This is in addition to costs will also cause your hard disk will be more easily damaged than if not often reinstalled. to non-activity be helpful to restore the system by right-clicking My Computer>> select System Restore>> and then check the check box to information Turn off System Restore on all drives
5. Close / close programs useless reply reply Every program needs to load or run memory (RAM) so that more programs running yg yg more memory consumed. This addition can cause a slow computer workload also becomes more severe may eventually shorten age components / computers
6. Wear stavolt. Use UPS UPS or power failure to anticipate the sudden reply can cause damage to the hard drive. If I have no UPS, use it to anticipate Stavolt voltage fluctuations.
7. Activate screen-saver addition to the aesthetic nature, screen-savers have other functions mouthful. CRT television also use phosphor to display images. If the monitor displays the same image for a while then there is a burning phosphorus continuously. This can cause problems which monitors the image becomes dim / less clear. Others as if your monitor is LCD, LED is fully equipped with energy saving, the screen saver is not needed so much lagi.Cara + enabled screen-saver can be done in many ways, one click Start>> Control Panel>> Display>> click the screen-saver tab, then select to suit your taste.
8. Defrag your hard drive regularly. Defrag function is to organize and sort your files by type of hard disk files / data in such a way that will ease the process of read / write so that the workload will be easier to reply eventually extend disk. Do I click the Start menu> Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Disk Defragmenter. When perform this function may not have other programs including screen savers holiday because it would disrupt the function of this defrag. This way is recommended for not too often, why ....? Defrag is the process of setting the file on the hard disk. To set it to be in a position adjacent to the tracks that made friction to move. Defrag is too often will cause of the often of the disc condition rapidly damaged disk erosion process.
9. Place adequate ventilation monitor and the CPU so that ventilation air from and to the monitor / CPU quite smoothly. Half-good ventilation will cause excessive heat so that the components / electronic circuit in it would be a fast heat so that it can shorten the component life. Therefore, try to distance between the monitor / CPU with wall / wall of at least 30 cm. If you need to plug the fan in the room. It would be better if you use the AC, added cold.
10. Do not put Speaker Active monitor. Because too close to the existing magnetic field at the speaker will affect the color monitor monitor becomes uneven or brindle.
11. Connect the ground cable. If the casing stunning, take the necessary cable length, the one end connected to the body CPU (the casing) while the other end of the reply is planted in the ground. This will neutralize the electrical current can reply "stray" that can make more durable electronic components. (Taken from various sources)

Friday, December 4, 2009

AC (Air Conditioner Maintenance)

If you use a home air conditioner (AC), do not forget to take care of him regularly. Because AC is not treated regularly and thoroughly, Christmas only air pollution but also the spread of the disease, one of them respiratory problems (Central AC Repair).

Home air conditioners are rarely cleaned dirty due, can save many viruses and bacteria that is continuously spread throughout the room and into the sense of smell of the occupants. As a result, the residents would be experiencing pain or repeated infections.

Following treatment you should do in order to work optimally conditioned and durable:

1. Do not forget to turn off the AC
When traveling or rooms not in use, do not forget to turn off the Home AC. Although fairly easy operation, because it provided a remote control, but this one treatment is often ignored.

When the air is not too hot, try to turn around one or two hours a day. If necessary use a reminder or timer contained in air conditioning. When the AC was turned off, wide open windows and doors so that air exchange occurs (Central AC Repair).

2. AC hygiene care
Check the filter components (filters) in the air conditioned, at least once a month. A dirty air filter will impede air circulation and a comfortable place for germs, bacteria and fungi.

Bacteria is what will flow into the evaporator coil (coils penguap) and then spread back into the room. AC component which may affect the performance of dirty cooling systems become more severe, so as not to produce maximum cold and wasteful (Repair AC).

3. Selective in the use of
Minimize the potential health problems with the use of AC seselektif possible, because if in the same room there is a sick family member, viruses and bacteria can be helpful to spread through the AC (AC Central).

So if any family member who got the flu, for example, try using the AC minimum. This advice also applies if there is one family member who smokes in the room or if the room and the furniture was cleaned.

4. Check the AC condenser
Make sure the condenser (AC Central) located outside the house clean of dust, bushes and leaves. If you want to clean, first turn off the AC and clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner.

5. Make sure the condenser means located outside the house clean of dust, brush or leaves. Of course, before you do, turn off air conditioning first. You can clean the dust from the condenser using a vacuum cleaner. See AC Repair AC Service and Home Repair.

6. Perform routine maintenance order to be safe, take care of AC (AC Repair) by calling a technician cleaning AC (AC Repair Service) which is believed at least six months. This treatment not only for the health of the family, but also to ensure that the AC becomes more longevity and a monthly cost of electricity.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Briefly Exploring About Sony HDR-XR500V Camcorder (Sony's New Product in 2009)

In the year of 2009, there is a new camcorder that launched from Sony that is Sony HDR-XR500V. Even though this kind of Sony's product was late launched but it has successfully in reaching the target of its manufacturer that had set. The model of this camcorder has the series that using double hard-disk AVCHD camcorders. Dual build-in GPS and the new Exmor-R are integrated to light CMOS sensor.

The Features of Sony HDR-XR500V Camcorder
The other Sony products, the image stabilization system of its camcorder is still using The SteadyShot. This product is using touch screen LCD monitor that make the user easily in entering and navigating the menu in which the touch screen itself has high technology that almost automatic. This kind of camcorder has 240-GB hard drive, in which it as a plus value that allows the users to shoot for 14.5 hours without interrupting their time. The product has a megapixel Exmor-R CMO and the other two models in this series, tended except for the hard disk size:the HDR-XR500V.

Compared with the other camcorder, this camcorder is more heavier and more bigger. It is difficult to pun in customer's pocket. The zoom button of this camcorder located in the right side of the camcorder, exactly under the forefinger.

If we compare the price of this product to it's competitors, it is more expensive in the market. The record button of the product falls under the right thumb and the mode button. This model makes users difficult in switching between stills and video. The position is to high if we reach with our thumb, and allso too far back to reach using our forefinger.

The advantages
It looked cool because it has big barrel lens in the front, and also because of the manual dial of the camcorder. It has 3.2 inch display, according to many customer opinion it is very good, it has artistically design, means that if you want good style you are better to choose this product with spending more money compared with buying the other products.